Monday, April 14, 2008

F-YOU are an EP (1983)

What can I say about these guys? well for the most part F is still standing strong today playing shows at Churchill's every couple of weeks. These guys were in the previous comp that I had posted and still deliver that catchy-ass loud and raw punk rock they are well known for . In this ep, F throws in an instrumental cover of "My Country Tis Of Thee". This ep even includes a set of their lyrics for 5 of the tracks within it. which 5? you'll have to check it out and see! For those of you who haven't seen them live you should keep an eye out for flyers and catch F in the next lineup. These guys won't let you down!

2.In Control
3.Spit It Out
4.Citizen's Arrest
5.Such Men Are Dangerous
6.My Country Tis Of Thee


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Killed By Florida (1998)

Although this one was released in 1998 don't let it fool you. It contains some of Florida's best bands that were around just a little more than a decade prior to its release. Featuring Bands such as Roach Motel, The Eat, Broken Talent and F, this comp is sure to make you appreciate what florida has to offer.

1.Reactions-In Society
2.U-Boats-Break Out Tonight
3.Roach Motel-Now Yer Gonna Die
4.Broken Talent-My God Can Beat Up Your God
5.Sheer Smegma-Clubnite
6.F-Citizen's Arrest
7.Essentials-Turn Off Your Radio
8.Gay Cowboys In Bondage-Big Fat Baloney Sandwich
9.Voodoo Idols-Grunt Grunt
10.Kill The Hostages-Mutant
11.The Eat-Silly Drug Songs
12.Lethal Yellow-Obnoxious Song
13.Sector 4-White House
14.Morbid Opera-White Flag
15.Trash Monkeys-Trash Monkey Universe
16.Hated Youth-Fuck Russia
17.Maggot Sandwich-Social Reject
18.Charlie Pickett & The Eggs-Trash Fever
19.Menstrual Cycles-Kill The President
20.The Front-Immigration Report


Monday, April 7, 2008

Sofla Records-V/A SO FLA SO GOOD SO WHAT VOL.1 (2004)

A nice compilation of florida bands that unfortunately has since been forgotten. This Compilation was released by Sofla Records which is not currently in operation anymore. Sofla records has delivered amazing bands such as Space Station 5 (Miami) , Malicioso (Miami), Why Not(Miami) and Hopesick(Tampa). they also released Why Not's Album "Caution:Wet Floor" and the great Hellhounds/I.R.A. split.

1.Feel the Power-Stay Hitt
2.Who are we?-The Knumbskullz
3.Get it right-The Getback
4.Polish Girl-Ramshackles
5.Something Wrong-The Delegates
6.I'm Out-The Stop-Motion
7.Dead of Night-The Van Orsdels
8.Trained to Obey-No Peace At All
9.Nasty Child-The Crumbs
10.Blind Obediance-Why Not
11.Thunderpants-AC Cobra
12.On the Brink-The Runnamucks
13.Stranded-The Heatseekers
14.Wet Foot Policy-Against All Authority
15.Sometimes The Hands That Choke Me Are My Own-Hopesick
16.Rehabs for losers-The Skanks
18.Ed-Space Station 5
19.Broken Instrument-Sound 4 Sound
20.Your World-The Hangovers
21.What You Got 4 Me-Pool Party


Chickenhead-EVERYTHING MUST GO! (Entire Discography-1993)

What better way to start this blog than with one of Florida's finest.These guys should truly be remembered by anyone who was in the music scene in the early 90's . This is a good example of what Miami has to offer despite its hot and humid weather, drivers that bought their licenses in the flea market and streets that are constantly being constructed and never finished, Miami gives these guys something to vent out about. Big thanks to Gio for this one. check out his blog

1.Born to lose
2.Smash and Grab
3.Burn it down
4.Everything Must Go
5.Short Fuse
6.Chikenhead won the war today
7.Young Fidel
8.Teenage Chickenhead
9.I like drugs
10. Downtown
11.Ron Varndell
12.Ruin Your Day
13.One way or another (Live on wfmu)